Here is an interesting interview with a 19yr old Kenyan kid

Describe your life
My life is awful. Depressed 


I think of death everyday. It’s amazing how everyone is yapping around…. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, is there even a tunnel

Boarding school? 

Ive been to boarding school since I was 8.its awful. My parents thought teachers would raise me for them, I hate it no parent child bond


Now that I was in school like always   ,they don’t really know me neither do I. Parents please love ,have time for us were  human too


I’m not mentally ill   ,but I feel s void in me. Mum dad situations are irreversible ,thanks for everything the bad and good. See what you made me into…. In another life I think I’d substitute you 

Are millenials overreacting or are parents just neglecting them. Something is wrong


parenting(if I was my parent) 

Someone introduce a parent to be child day. I think it’s unfair that we can only be children of our parents and never be parents of our parents. (I would have punished them like hell) anyway parents think they understand  us but I think thinking is not enough.We Teens/young adults are complex and fragile too but I think getting the best of us is the most simplest thing ever. Let me break it down 


This is crucial. Pocketmoney/allowances should not be limited to us plus don’t make us more of spoilt brats, be moderate 

Attention  and all the following up don’t do it too much but do it once in a while just for the sake of annoying us, it’s fun. But keyword  be moderate. Anything you do to us be moderate but love us more  than moderate

2:Be real

Place yourselves  in our shoes. Would you like to be embarrassed Infront of your friends? NOOOO. We too. Bottomline think of you as me. Do to us as you’d like to be done to you (can I get an amen please) 

3:😉Don’t be too much of a parent

C’mon ,be lenient. Life’s short to be sooo much of a parent .take a break, be playful, leave us the house once in a while😝

Hey moms hey dads, rules are meant to be broken, you did it too. It’s our time don’t make life that hard (Yopo) you only parent us once remember😁😂😂😂